gloomy sunday

I hate it when I always put my hopes way up high and then I get super disappointed. Always reminding myself not to and yet, always getting hurt over and over. Sometimes I feel that I'm putting way too much effort and I just wanna call it quits but I can't. Sigh.

I cried today. Maybe It's my period signalling me It's coming. I feel sad and lonely for my soul just because I couldn't get what I wanted.

It's times like these when I hate myself the most. Seriously, the only one who never disappoints is the Lord. He only provides and I should be grateful to him for everything he's given me. I should love myself because I've been made in his image. God, forgive me for I'm a sinner and I can't help but feel these negative feelings sometimes. Let me pick myself up, Lord and make you proud. I trust you dear Father and i pray that you'll guide me even in the darkest hours. In Jesus's name I pray, Amen.


life of mine - beginning of an fsc.

I'm beginning to see things differently. Some of you may know I've just switched to a new career and it's been exciting, mind boggling, stressful and full of ups and downs. In just a month or so, I've felt so many emotions as compared to my previous job of 5 years.


As I was saying, I've come to see everything differently. Today, I cut my hair and at the salon, the hairdresser, who's also the lady boss was speaking to a friend. This lady friend was telling her about her husband needing to go for chemotherapy next week and saying that she was not going to eat the reunion dinner because she had no mood. It got me thinking, my job could really help people financially. I can't take away cancer, I can't prevent cancer, but at least, I can help you ease your financial worries when it comes to hospital bills and so on.

I just listened on and reflected. While I was getting my haircut, the lady boss was telling me the clinic opposite her shop was full of business. This got me thinking again. How many of them were seeing the doctor due to an accident? How many of them had to pay for the consultation? Again, I reflected.

I paid the lady boss for her service and haircut well done. Wished her a happy Chinese new year and was on my way to an appointment. Just before I reached the bus stop, a little boy ran and fell face flat on the ground. After the first five seconds of shock, he started wailing. A woman, his mother I suppose, ran to him and tried to soothe him unsuccessfully. I didn't see blood but I wasn't sure since it was pretty dark already.

Again, it got me thinking. How many parents bought accident plans for their children? How many know about such accident plans?

I have a dream. This dream is to educate people. I want to let everyone know the importance of insurance.

Insurance. This word seems to scare the shit out of everyone. Or is it just us agents? Apparently we're the scariest people on earth. Once we introduce ourselves as agents, peoples' mind seem to scream out, "RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!". Yes, run! Run to be fit. Run to stay healthy. Run to feel alive! But please, don't run away from us Financial Services Consultants. Keep an open mind and listen to what we have to say. You'll never know until you hear us out. Stereotyped as gold diggers, give us a chance to prove that we're not.




A new chapter has begun and I am so excited!
Scared but really excited.
New and wide eyed. That's most definitely me!

Thank you, Lord for being by my side. Taking me on this journey of growing up and helping people around me. I am so blessed to have such supporting mentors and friends. I am learning new things everyday and I'm so glad that I made this decision. Although things are tough, the Lord God made me strong enough to push forth and withstand whatever weather be it a storm or a hurricane. I believe I can and I will, all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


foundation training day 1

- learn to get used to rejection. 

- make sacrifices to be successful
- mission above commission
- it's not just about selling
- it's about understanding
- cater to needs

I don't want to be "just like the other agents". "Call me just to sell me their products." "Blood suckers."

Action speaks louder than words. I shall prove to the people who believe in me that I am a person whom they can trust. In times of need, I will be there. To those who do not believe in me, I shall prove them wrong. I want to be someone that people will recommend to others. Someone people have faith in. I need to stay positive and be strong. Ignore the naysayers because where there's a will, there's a way. Always believe in yourself and trust that the Lord will walk you through the most difficult times.



it starts all over.

Seems like the days of unemployment will soon be over. A brand new life, a new career path, many many decisions await. I am excited and nervous, happy and sad all at the same time. Stressed. Worried.

Even now I wonder if I made the right choice. In the end, I always tell myself that this is God's will. It's the path he wants me to take and I know that he'll walk me through it. There will be challenges But these challenges will make me stronger.



break down those walls.

No one has really taken the time to understand me. People think they know me but when you ask them what they know, blank.

I guess I'm looking for my soulmate. Someone who looks at me and say, "Hey, I wanna know you." and really tries because to be truthful, I have a wall up just like anyone else to protect myself from getting hurt. Someone who bothers to break down those walls and think it's worth it.

Call me a dreamer but I'm hoping my soulmate would come along and sweep me off my feet and be there to catch my fall.



people are attracted to beauty.

but seems like they tend to be attracted to the physical rather than the inner beauty.


New beginning! Time to get serious with trying to lose weight!

I want to be beautiful!



makes people feel inferior.

they say that you have to compare apple with apple, pear when pear. however, we are not fruits. one good attribute in a person might differ from another and that makes each individual unique. so why compare?


pre-exams stress

I know why people say "能吃是福" already.
because 能吃 就一定会发福! seriously.